Top 10 Restaurants on MM Alam Road, Lahore


Welcome to the food street of MM Alam Road in Lahore! This vibrant and bustling area is home to some of the best restaurants and eateries that Lahore has to offer. From traditional Pakistani cuisine, western fast-food, BBQ spots, ice cream parlors – you name it; this road has something for everyone.

MM Alam Road has a food street that begins at Gulberg Main Market and ends at Firdous Market. Whether you’re having family dinners or hanging out with friends, it’s a great place. 

A wide array of food options can be found here, from chaat stands serving tasty samosas and pakoras to gourmet cafes serving gourmet meals! You can also buy takeout if you’re not in the mood to sit down at a restaurant, but still want something tasty to eat during your stroll. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you like or how much you have in your pocket – there is always an option available for everyone! Visit MM Alam Road’s famous Food Street to experience the variety of food choices available in this wonderful part of the town. You’re guaranteed to never leave hungry after visiting it!

Top 10 Restaurants at MM Alam Road

Here are the top 10 restaurants at MM Alam Road, Lahore with A plus rating & maximum foot fall!

  1. El Momento Lahore
  2. Hashery Cafe & Grill
  3. Mouthful
  4. Salt N Pepper Village, Lahore
  5. Tuscany Courtyard
  6. Coco Cubano Restaurant Lahore
  7. Howdy Rooftop
  8. PF Chang’s Lahore
  9. Qawali Lounge
  10. Cafe Aylanto

1. El Momento Lahore

Are you on the hunt for a juicy and tender steak? Then El Momento Steakhouse at MM Alam Road in Lahore is the place to be!

El Momento offers the best steaks in Lahore. Whether it’s grilled or pan-seared, each steak is cooked to perfection and loaded with flavors that will make your mouth water. The chefs prepare your food right before your eyes in the open kitchen view – so you can watch as they create culinary chef-d’oeuvre just for you! 

But great tasting food isn’t all El Momento has to offer. With its fashionable ambiance and live music playing in the background, this restaurant provides an unforgettable experience which will have you coming back again and again!

2. Hashery Cafe & Grill:

You may visit this restaurant for lunch or a branch with its enjoyable ambiance, huge variety of fast food, and Pakistani cuisine, it is sure to be the perfect spot for your next gathering. 

The pizza here is especially famous among foodies – topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheese. For those who prefer traditional Pakistani fare, their meat platter served on top of Afghani rice that can feed up to 15-20 people at once – so bring along the whole gang! 

Hashery Cafe & Grill will not disappoint you when it comes to quality and quantity. The staff is friendly and helpful in making sure everyone has an amazing experience while dining here.

3. Mouthful

Mouthful MM Alam Road, Lahore: a desi fusion restaurant offers an extensive menu of tempting dishes.

From signature steak to their famous 6-piece chicken patakha served with rice, mint sauce, and chili flakes are amazing in taste. So a truly special dining experience awaits you, try out the buffet at Mouthful. Their Hi-tea is one of the most popular buffets in town and it features plenty of delicious options such as curries, tikkas, biryani, and more. Plus they offer salads made from fresh ingredients so there’s something healthy too! 

 The atmosphere at this fine dining restaurant is simply amazing – complete with peaceful dramatic settings perfect for any event or occasion like a Nikah ceremony or wedding dinner it can accommodate up to 150 guests making it ideal if you want to host large gatherings in style! 

So surely your hassle has been taken away for a delightful gastronomic adventure courtesy of Mouthful Restaurant.

4. Salt N Pepper Village, Lahore

Salt n Pepper is known as the king of desi cuisine in Lahore. It offers you the best Asian cuisine that you won’t find anywhere in Lahore. 

At Salt N Pepper they offer a wide selection of Asian dishes that are sure to entice your taste buds with their unique flavors and spices from BBQ to Malai Boti, Kebab to Beef Nehari, Mutton, paya, and Haleem.
Their signature dish is their biryani which has become famous across Pakistan due to its unique flavor profile.

The chefs at Salt n Pepper use high-quality ingredients such as fresh herbs and spices along with traditional cooking methods that have been passed down through generations – making it one of the most sought-after restaurants when it comes to Pakistani food. 

5. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard, located at MM Alam Road, Lahore is a fine dining Italian and Continental restaurant that promises to bring you “the Taste of Italy”. It brings forth an authentic Italian taste through its dishes like Alfredo Pasta, Paninis and Polo Tuscan are sure to please your taste buds. 

The restaurant also offers an extensive range of desserts such as Bread Pudding and more. The ambience at Tuscany Courtyard is warm yet sophisticated in Italian style with dim lights setting the mood for a romantic dinner or just simply enjoying some quality time with friends and family over delicious food. 

At Tuscany Courtyard each dish brings out unique flavors from different regions across Italy making it an ideal place for anyone looking for a true Italian experience without having to leave Pakistan! The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring Italy through food- so don’t miss out on trying them out today if you’re ever near by!.

6. Coco Cubano Restaurant Lahore

 Coco Cubano restaurant brings the flavors of downtown Havana to your doorstep with its Cuban-inspired menu. From tacos, burritos, nachos, and Cuban street sandwiches to burgers, salads, and coffee – there is something for everyone at Coco Cubano! 

The atmosphere at this cozy eatery is perfect for casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner outings with friends. With vibrant colors on the walls that reflect Cuba’s culture and heritage as well as live music playing in the background – it truly feels like you have stepped into downtown Havana., They have both outdoor & indoor seating areas. Plus their signature mojitos are sure to make any night out extra special! 

Moreover, Coco Cubano can be a perfect venue for your family functions or gatherings- Visiting Coco Cubana feels like a vacation in Cuba right from your own hometown!!

7. Howdy Rooftop

Are you looking for a unique dining experience in Lahore? Howdy Rooftop is an exciting western-themed restaurant located on MM Alam Road. This popular spot is known for its delicious burgers & steaks, as well as its spectacular views from the rooftop. It’s equally popular with kids & adults all the time. 

When you visit Howdy Rooftop, you can expect to be treated to some of the best deals on quality burgers and steaks in town with beverages. Whether it’s lunch or dinner time, their menu offers something special that cannot be found anywhere else – from juicy beef patties topped with cheese and bacon bits to succulent steak served with all the adornments. They also offer a variety of sides such as fries and onion rings that will round out your meal perfectly! 

 And if you don’t have time to dine in at this bustling eatery then take advantage of their takeaway service which allows customers to enjoy these tasty meals without having to wait around in line or worry about seating arrangements! 

Visit now and experience this amazing culinary journey!

8. PF Chang’s Lahore

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious Chinese or Thai meal, then PF Chang’s on MM Alam Road in Lahore is your ideal destination.

This Asian fine-dine concept offers a wide range of dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!
From sushi and appetizers to dim sum, soup, beef and chicken dishes, noodles and rice, salads, seafood options as well as vegetarian plates – there’s a huge range of items to acquire for- Not only can you indulge in some of the most authentic Chinese flavors but also stay healthy with their selection of mocktails. 

At PF Changs they strive hard to bring out the best flavors from each dish while using high-quality ingredients. The chefs take great pride in creating delectable meals that are sure to satisfy all diners – whether it be family members or friends gathering together over dinner or couples enjoying an intimate evening out! All this combined with their friendly staff makes sure that guests have an unforgettable experience every time they visit this restaurant. 

9. Qawali Lounge

Qawali Lounge MM Alam Road, Lahore is renowned for its fine food and traditional Sufi music serenade from talented qawwals as its name implies.

A wide variety of food options are available at Qawali Lounge, including Desi BBQ, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, and Fast Food. Your taste buds will be begging for more after an unforgettable experience.
It’s warm yet inviting ambiance combined with spectacular views of Lahore city makes it a must-visit destination when visiting Pakistan’s cultural capital. 

So don’t wait any longer– visit Qawali Lounge today for an unforgettable evening filled with great food and beautiful music!

Note: The restaurant now offers a special Hi-Tea & Buffet with live Qawali every Friday and Sunday between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

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10. Cafe Aylanto

Whether it’s a quick snack or an elaborate meal that you’re after, the cafe offers an extensive menu of mouth-watering dishes. From classic Italian pizzas and pasta to grilled sandwiches and burgers, beverages – there is something here for every palate!

The cafe also serves up scrumptious desserts such as ice cream, &  brownies topped with nuts or chocolate sauce. Moreover, if you are in the mood for some light snacks then try out their French fries served with cheese dip or nachos loaded with toppings like jalapenos and onions. 

For those who prefer lighter fare, there are fresh salads & soups made from seasonal ingredients along with freshly squeezed juices prepared with natural ingredients! 

Its cozy atmosphere coupled with great service – Cafe Aylanto will surely make your dining experience memorable: So come down today to enjoy all these delights at Cafe  Aylanto on MM Alam Road Lahore.


In conclusion, the food street at MM Alam Road in Lahore is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to indulge in a variety of mouth-watering cuisine. These are the to top 10 best restaurants at MM Alam Road Lahore. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Pakistani food, Italian, continental or Cuban-inspired dishes, MM Alam Road has it all. From fast-food joints to fine-dining restaurants, you’ll find an option to suit your taste and budget. So, gather your friends and family, and visit  this vibrant street to experience some of the best food in Lahore.

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