Top 10 Hidden Places in Islamabad


If you’re tired of the same old dining spots in Islamabad and craving some new adventures, we’ve got a treat for you. Let’s discover some local treasures where you can find delicious food in unique settings.

Top 10 Hidden Places in Islamabad

Here are top 10 hidden places in Islamabad. They are special for a number of reasons, which we will discuss in more detail.

  1. The Jungle Lounge Islamabad- E11
  2. Rainforest Restaurant – Margalla Hills
  3. Kaspas Desserts- F/6
  4. Wildmen Restaurant- Bahria Town
  5. Silver Oaks Net Cafe -F10
  7. The English Table- DHA
  8. Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen
  9. Roberts’s Coffee F-7
  10.  Shah Allah Ditta Village

1. The Jungle Lounge Islamabad 

The Jungle Lounge Islamabad 

If you’re searching for a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Jungle Lounge located in E11 is the perfect destination. Situated amidst a scenic green environment, it provides an extraordinary dining experience. You can enjoy a range of dishes from succulent steaks to delightful seafood while relaxing in cozy treehouse-like huts.

2. Rainforest Restaurant – Margalla Hills

Rainforest Restaurant - Margalla Hills

For an unforgettable dining experience, Rainforest Restaurant on the Margalla Hills is the perfect spot for you. It will make you feel as if you’re dining right in the heart of a tropical jungle with the soothing sound of waterfalls and lush greenery that will fascinate you in a different world. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, and you should definitely explore the outdoor seating options for the best views and to capture a lot of memories on your phone. The scene is truly picturesque for the triumphant celebration

3. Kaspas Desserts – F/6

Kaspas Desserts - F/6

Kaspas Desserts in F/6 is a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. This dessert paradise has a wide variety of indulgent treats available, ranging from heavenly waffles and mouthwatering sundaes to delectable crepes. You can satisfy your sugar cravings in a cozy and inviting setting, making it the perfect spot for dessert lovers.

4. Wildmen Restaurant – Bahria Town

Wildmen Restaurant - Bahria Town

Wildmen Restaurant, located in Bahria Town, offers a fusion of Chinese, Italian, and American cuisine. The place is a feast for the eyes with its tribal decor and unique dishes made from wild game. You’ll have a memorable dinning experience at Wildmen Restaurant.

5. Silver Oaks Net Cafe – F10

Silver Oaks Net Cafe - F10

Silver Oaks Net Cafe in F10 is a well-kept secret that serves up delicious local and international dishes. The cozy ambiance and affordable menu options make it a great spot for a casual meal or coffee with friends.



SAGE Cafe & Grill located in F/7 is a delightful and inviting spot that is well-regarded for its warm ambiance and satisfying meals. Their extensive menu offers a variety of options ranging from mouthwatering burgers to delectable pasta dishes. It’s an quintessential spot for a relaxing evening out with  family or have a friendly get-together.

7. The English Table – DHA

The English Table - DHA

For an authentic British dining experience, visit The English Table in DHA. It’s a quaint spot that brings the English flavors to Islamabad. Its  English style breakfast, Waffles, steak sea food, and of course their Hi tea are treats for you to enjoy plenty without emptying your wallet. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere further elevate the overall dining experience.

8. Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen

Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen

Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen is a hidden gem in Islamabad that specializes in Asian fusion cuisine. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant offers a delightful blend of flavors from various Asian countries. Sushi lovers will find it especially appealing, as they serve up some of the best rolls in town.

9. Robert’s Coffee – F7

Robert's Coffee - F7

Roberts’s Coffee in F-7 is a haven that inspires you to take a break from the everyday hectic & boring life to indulge in a moment of tranquility and self-care. Enjoy a variety of specialty coffee, breakfast, steak, or pasta, while immersing yourself in the soothing ambiance that fills the air. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is sure to awaken your senses and brighten up your day.

10. Shah Allah Ditta Village

Shah Allah Ditta Village

Shah Allah Ditta is a hidden gem in Islamabad that is often overlooked, but it is a beautiful place to explore. Very few people in Islamabad know about this place, despite it having many restaurants and significant historical importance. The village is centuries old and contains 2,500-year-old Buddhist caves that have been well-preserved. From the top of the hills of Shah Allah Ditta, you can enjoy a magical view of the entire city, and you can even go hiking and explore its beauty by planning a full-day trip with your family.

Shah Allah Ditta caves are located adjacent to sector D-12. It can be reached by following the route towards Khanpur.

Exploring new places and staying curious is always a good idea. Imagine being someone who loves to travel and explore, and yet, your own city remains unexplored. Here are the top 10 hidden places in Islamabad that will inspire you with their uniqueness.

Each of these restaurants offers something special, whether it’s the ambiance, taste, or both. Happy dining!

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