10 Best Restaurants in G-10 Markaz Islamabad


Islamabad’s G-10 neighborhood has a thriving food scene, and the restaurants in this blog have proved themselves as some of the best restaurants in G-10, Islamabad the region by providing a wide variety of flavors and cuisines to suit all tastes.

List of Best G-10 Markaz Restaurants

  1. Italian Pizza G-10
  2. Lucky Restaurant 
  3. Shah G restaurant 
  4. Crispino Cafe and Restaurant
  5. Biryani 360
  6. KING Burger & krispo
  7. Haleem House
  8. Rehmania Restaurant
  9. The broast town
  10. Quetta Commercial Cafe
  1. Italian Pizza G-10
Italian Pizza G10 Markaz Islamabad

This cozy pizzeria, which is well-known for its original Italian-style pizzas, has won the hearts of the community with its delectable pies and pleasant ambiance.

  1. Lucky Restaurant 
Lucky Restaurant G10

In sector G-10 of Islamabad, the renowned Lucky Restaurant has been serving out exquisite Continental and Pakistani cuisine. Customers return frequently because of their wide selection and high-standard cuisine in the area.

  1. Shah G restaurant 
Shah G Restaurant G10 Markaz Islamabad

Shah Ji Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in G-10 Markaz, Islamabad. The Restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking desi flavors in G-10. It offers a menu chock full of tasty kebabs, luscious curries, and aromatic rice dishes.

  1. Crispino Cafe and Restaurant
Crispino Cafe

This modern restaurant in G-10 combines the best aspects of both worlds by serving as an upscale restaurant at night and a cozy cafe during the day. In addition to a delicious selection of sweets, Crispino provides a blend of various cuisines.

  1. Biryani 360
Biryani 360

As the name suggests, Biryani 360 specializes in the art of biryani-making. Their aromatic and flavorful biryanis have earned this restaurant in G-10 a reputation as one of the top spots for this beloved South Asian dish.

  1. KING Burger & Krispo
KING Burger & Krispo

A go-to destination for burger lovers, King Burger & Krispo crafts delicious, juicy burgers and crispy fried chicken that have a loyal following among locals.

  1. Haleem House
Haleem House G10 Markaz Islamabad

For those craving the rich, hearty goodness of haleem, Haleem House is the place to be. It also serves a variety of other desi dishes. They serve up this traditional Pakistani dish with a satisfying blend of spices and flavors.

  1. Rehmania Restaurant

 Rehmania Restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring Pakistani and Chinese dishes. This versatile restaurant caters to various tastes and preferences.

  1. The Broast Town
The Broast Town

Fried chicken lovers rejoice! The Broast Town is one of the best restaurants in G-10, Islamabad renowned for its crispy and flavorful broasted chicken, and it’s a top spot for those seeking a fried chicken fix & fast food. 

  1. Quetta Commercial Cafe
Quetta Commercial Cafe G10

Quetta Commercial Cafe brings the flavors of Balochistan to Islamabad. With a focus on traditional Balochi dishes, this cafe offers a unique dining experience for those looking to explore regional cuisine in G-10, Islamabad.

A Taste of Perfection: Closing Thoughts

These are the best restaurants in G-10, Islamabad, have earned their place on this list through their dedication to delivering exceptional food and memorable dining experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, biryani, or a hearty Pakistani meal, you can find all in one sector G-10, Islamabad. 

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