10 Best Birthday Celebration Places in Islamabad 


Given the significance of birthdays as a crucial milestone in an individual’s life, it is essential to organize a memorable celebration. People often plan every detail meticulously, including selecting an exclusive restaurant, ordering the perfect cake, and choosing an appropriate venue. This attention to detail is intended to create an unforgettable experience for their loved ones.

Some of the restaurants in Islamabad are known for offering excellent birthday decorations, birthday deals, and customer service.

Best Birthday Celebration Restaurants in Islamabad

Are you looking for an outstanding birthday celebration in Islamabad? In this blog, you will learn about Islamabad’s ten best restaurants for birthday celebrations.  

El Momento Beverly Centre, F 6/1 Blue Area0311 1100317
Cafe 1969Garden Ave, Shakarpairan0323 9691969
Monal9KM Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad(051) 2898044
Artrio Cafe & Grill Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz(051) 8319999
MindanosF-6 Markaz(051) 8316715
The Capital GrillBeverly Centre, F 6/1 Blue Area0335 8450735
La TerrazzaThird Floor, The Centaurus Mall(051) 8483663
The Smokey Cauldronnear Pizza Hut, F-6 Markaz(051) 8430133
PappasallisJinnah Super Market, F 7 Markaz(051) 111 172 772
TKRLehtarar Road, Taramri, Tarlai Kalan0304 1110857

1. El Momento 

El Momento islamabad Birthday Celebration

El Momento Islamabad is a highly recommended restaurant in Islamabad for celebrating birthdays. The restaurant boasts a pleasant ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Its decor and backdrop provide an ideal setting for capturing memorable moments on camera. The staff is friendly and cooperative, and the menu offers a wide range of cuisine, including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and steak. The restaurant often features special birthday deals, making it an affordable and attractive option for your next celebration. Hosting your birthday at El Momento is sure to create unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Address: Shop#06, Ground Floor, Beverly Centre, F-6, Islamabad
  • Phone: 0311 1100317
  • Opening Hours: Sat-Thu:12pm-12am | Fri: 3pm-12am

2. Cafe 1969

Cafe 1969 Birthday Celebration

Cafe 1969 is a top-notch restaurant in Islamabad that’s perfect for celebrating birthdays. They have a wide variety of delicious dishes to suit everyone’s taste, whether you prefer international cuisine or local flavors. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere and beautiful décor, making it the perfect place to create lasting memories on your big day. The staff is attentive and will make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Address: Garden Ave, Shakarpairan, Islamabad
  • Phone: 0323 9691969
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri:11am-12am | Sat,Sun:10am-12am

3. Monal

Monal Islamabad Birthday Decoration

Monal, a popular restaurant in Islamabad, is a favorite destination for tourists who appreciate scenic beauty and delectable cuisine. For those seeking a hilltop venue with a natural ambiance for their birthday party, Monal is the ideal location. The restaurant offers a stunning ambiance where customers can unwind and relish the surroundings. The restaurant’s setting is perfect for those looking to celebrate their birthday in a natural environment, complete with light background music and a serene setting. The overall experience creates a more authentic and attractive atmosphere for a birthday celebration.

  • Address: 9KM Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 2898044
  • Opening Hours: 9am-12:30am

4. Artrio Cafe & Grill 

Artrio Cafe & Grill F7 Markaz

If you’re looking for an exceptional birthday celebration in Islamabad, be sure to check out Atrio Cafe & Grill, located in F7. This esteemed restaurant provides tailored birthday packages and allows you to customize the decorations, making your day truly unforgettable. The ambiance of Atrio Cafe & Grill is exquisite, making it the perfect spot for creating pleasant memories on your special day.

  • Located in: Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 8319999
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-12am

5. Mindanos

Mindanos F6 Markaz

Located in the heart of Islamabad, Mindanos is a top-rated birthday celebration destination that offers its guests a personalized and unforgettable experience. The venue has an intricate design and attention to detail that is aimed at making your special day a memorable one. Mindanos is a hidden gem and a paradise for those looking for a magical birthday experience. 

At Mindanos, guests can enjoy private lounges that offer intimacy, exclusivity, and comfort. Mindanos has a team of experts who will work with you to ensure your birthday fantasies are transformed into reality. 

The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities to ensure your event runs smoothly. Mindanos is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a world-class birthday celebration venue in Islamabad.

  • Address: Block E، 1st Floor, Unit 1, F-6 Markaz Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 8316715
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-12am

6. The Capital Grill

The Capital Grill F6 Markaz Islamabad

The Capital Grill, located in the heart of Islamabad, offers an exceptional and unforgettable experience for celebrating birthdays in style. With its tasteful decor, cozy yet upscale ambiance, and private dining rooms, The Capital Grill provides a perfect setting for an elegant birthday celebration. Its central location makes it easily accessible for everyone. The restaurant has revolutionized birthday parties by offering a unique and sophisticated experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests. The Capital Grill’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a luxurious dining experience sets it apart as one of Islamabad’s best places to celebrate birthdays.

  • Address: Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, Beverly Centre, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad
  • Phone: 0335 8450735

7. La Terrazza

La Terrazza Jinnah Avenue

Are you looking for a stunning place to celebrate your birthday in Islamabad? Look no further than La Terrazza! This beautiful venue is located right in the heart of the city and offers a perfect balance of elegance and charm that will make your special day unforgettable. Whether planning a big party or just a small gathering with friends and family, La Terrazza has everything you need to create memories that will last a lifetime. Celebrate your birthday at La Terrazza and experience the magic for yourself!

  • Address: 317, Third Floor, The Centaurus Mall, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 8483663
  • Opening Hours: 11:30am-11pm

8. The Smokey Cauldron

The Smokey Cauldron

Smokey Cauldron is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best place to celebrate a birthday in Islamabad. This restaurant offers a wide range of delicious food options and a magical atmosphere with its enchanting ambiance. You can personalize your birthday celebration with decorations and themes matching your preferences. The food quality and the restaurant’s attention to detail make it an excellent option for celebrating your special day.

  • Address: near Pizza Hut, F-6 Markaz Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 8430133
  • Opening Hours: 11:30am-12am

9. Pappasallis


Throw an unforgettable birthday bash in Islamabad; there’s no better place than Pappasallis. This venue is the shining star among the city’s best places to celebrate birthdays. With its ample seating arrangements, Pappasallis can cater to your every need, whether you’re hosting a grand party or an intimate dinner. You’ll find cozy corners for private gatherings and open spaces for larger celebrations so you can create the perfect setting for your event. Regarding hosting a fantastic birthday celebration, Pappasallis is one of the best choices in Islamabad.

  • Address: 13-E, Jinnah Super Market, F 7 Markaz, Islamabad
  • Phone: (051) 111 172 772
  • Opening Hours: 11am-3am

10. TKR

TKR Birthday

TKR in Islamabad is the perfect choice! With a delightful mix of flavors and styles, they offer a memorable setting that will make your day truly special. The elegant and friendly ambiance adds to the charm, making it an ideal location for those who appreciate desi cuisine at their birthday parties.

  • Address: Lehtarar Road, Taramri, Tarlai Kalan, Islamabad
  • Phone: 0304 1110857
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-11:30pm

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