7 Best Turkish Restaurants in Karachi


Turkish cuisine is getting very popular worldwide. Similar to this, there are some Turkish restaurants in Karachi where you can get the authentic Turkish taste. These restaurants are unquestionably the best Turkish restaurants in Karachi when it comes to savoring the varied and rich flavors of Turkish cuisine. Combining traditional Turkish cuisine with a modern ambiance & friendly customer service. 

7 Must Try Turkish Restaurants in Karachi

As a result of a thorough research, we have discovered the 7 best Turkish restaurants in Karachi, and you will discover why in the blog.

1. Zeytin

Zeytin Karachi

Whenever you are seeking Middle Eastern or Turkish restaurants in Karachi, you cannot miss Zeytin Kunafa Kebab, kabsa.  Zeytin serves up an extensive menu of Turkish delights. From succulent kebabs to flavorful mezes and mouth watering baklava, Zeytin’s dedication to authentic Turkish flavors is undeniable. The warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the dining experience, making it a perfect place to savor the essence of Turkey right in Karachi. It’s perhaps one of the best Turkish restaurants in Karachi.

Location: Safa Residency, Shaheed-e-Millat Rd, Maniya CHS (MCHS) PECHS, Karachi

2. Real Taste Istanbul Grill

Real Taste Istanbul Grill

There is no better place to satisfy Turkish food lovers in Karachi than Real Taste Istanbul Grill. The restaurant takes great pride in using the freshest ingredients to create dishes that evoke the true essence of Istanbul. Authenticity is evident in their wide range of kebabs and hearty stews are a testament to their commitment to authenticity. The cozy setting and friendly staff make diners happy.

Location: Gadap Town, Karachi

3. Ala Rahi

Ala Rahi Restaurant Karachi

Featuring a fusion of Turkish and Pakistani cuisine, Ala Rahi is certain to appeal to your taste buds. With a menu that showcases both cuisines, diners will enjoy kebabs, donors, and shawarmas while enjoying local spices and seasonings. Ala Rahi offers a unique approach to cross-cultural cuisine, making it an ideal spot for foodies seeking a delightful culinary adventure.

Location: D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area, Karachi

4. Kabsa Express

Kabsa Express

The Kabsa Express restaurant is primarily known for its Arabic cuisine, but it also serves a delightful selection of Turkish dishes. Bringing a Middle Eastern and Turkish flair to Karachi’s dining scene, this fusion restaurant features Turkish Pide and Turkish coffee, among other Turkish dishes that highlight their versatility and dedication to a variety of flavors.

Location: Block 16 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

5. Şölen İstanbul

Şölen İstanbul

It captures the vibrant spirit of Istanbul through its cuisine as a Turkish restaurant. There are a wide range of aromatic dishes to choose from, from Adana kebabs to manti dumplings, making this a must-try for Turkish food lovers. It has a vibrant ambiance and décor that fascinates you.

Location: Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi

6. Lale-i Rumi

Lale-i Rumi

A quaint Turkish restaurant with an intimate and charming atmosphere, Lale-i Rumi specializes in Turkish classics such as Turkish delights and Turkish tea. Each meal is presented in a way that reflects the true essence of Turkish culture and cuisine, making it a memorable one.

Location: Ibn-e-Qasim Park Rd, House f73/4 block 4 Swiss cottages, Karachi

7. Pegri Kabab House

Pegri Kabab House

There are several hidden gems in Karachi, but Pegri Kabab House is one of them. Its flavorful shish kebabs and traditional Turkish bread are especially popular with diners. With its cozy setting and prompt service, it’s a great spot for Turkish cuisine.

Location: Liaquatabad karachi, Block 2 Liaquatabad Town, Karachi


These 7 best Turkish restaurants in Karachi offer different experiences, so it is hard to pick the one. These restaurants cater to a variety of preferences, making them the best destinations for the best Turkish cuisine in Karachi, whether you are looking for traditional Turkish flavors or fusions of Turkish and Pakistani cuisines.

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