5 Best Restaurants in Beverly Center, Islamabad


The Beverly Centre in Islamabad offers a great dining experience with a wide variety of excellent restaurants, each with their own special charm. These five Beverly Center Islamabad restaurants will tempt your taste buds with succulent steaks, delectable Asian, Italian, Japanese cuisines, and hearty Desi treats that will create lasting memories for food aficionados. Visit Beverly Centre for a gastronomic excursion that will satisfy your cravings, nurture your spirit, and leave you feeling completely fulfilled.

Beverly Center Islamabad Restaurants

These are the 5 best restaurants in Beverly Centre, Islamabad,

  1. El Momento
  2. Asian Work
  3. Meraki
  4. Khoka Khola
  5. Chattha’s

Lets explore them;

  1. El Momento Islamabad

El Momento is the best restaurant in Beverly Center, Islamabad. You’ll be welcomed by a really inviting, serene atmosphere when you enter El Momento. The restaurant features two floors and a modern, calming color scheme across its decor. Let’s start with the service.

El Momento’s staff is professional and well-dressed. They will always grin as they welcome you. The restaurant is very well maintained in terms of cleanliness to ensure that customers not only receive sumptuous cuisine but also that their hygiene is a priority. 

El Momento Islamabad

When we talk about El Momento’s menu it offers a variety of menu options based on the tastes of its diners. No matter if you love steak, or prefer Japanese, Chinese, Italian, fast food, or seafood, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Moreover, El Momento recently introduced a variety of platters at very reasonable prices so you can try the diverse foods of each particular cuisine in more than enough quantity. 

It is worth your time & money to choose El Momento Islamabad if you are looking for the best steakhouse, ambiance, service, quality & quantity. Overall, El Momento stands out as a great choice, offering a menu that caters to a wide range of tastes, making it a perfect destination for quality and variety fans. The restaurant also has ample space for any kind of casual, corporate, or private family gatherings.

  1. Asian Wok 
Asian Work Restaurant
Asian Work Restaurant

Asian Wok is a well-known restaurant in F-6 Beverly centre. With its combination of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food, Asian Wok creates a dynamic atmosphere and offers a delightful eating experience. It provides amazing offers to its customers for their special gatherings & celebrations at the restaurants. There is enough space for large groups in the restaurant, and the staff is well-trained so that customers are not hindered in any way. You won’t be “wok” out unhappy if you enter Asian Wok, that’s for sure!

  1. Meraki
Meraki Beverly Centre Islamabad
Meraki Beverly Centre Islamabad

The Meraki restaurant in Beverly Centre is an ideal venue for social gatherings and corporate events since it offers plenty of options, deals, hi-tea, and a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy international flavors. There is every type of cuisine from around the world served at the restaurant, whether you prefer Desi or Continental cuisine. Whether you want a business catch-up or a day out with your friends, this is the place for you.

  1. Khoka Khola
Khoka Khola Beverly Centre

Khoka Khola is a rather small eatery, but it is exquisitely arranged to give you a really traditional vibe.  The atmosphere is both sophisticated and rustic. You will enjoy the ancient classical music in the background, & old paintings on exhibit if you’re old school or like such an environment. Also, the cuisine is presented in a very pristine manner.

Everything is in perfect harmony with each other. It seems like you are back in the heyday of the ’90s and ’80s. Thalis will be used to serve you & the lanterns are lit up inside. You will be completely taken away.

The restaurant has outdoor seating as well and is located in the Beverly Centre basement. Your experience at Khoka Khola restaurant will be unique. Try their karahi or their Delhi bhaly & chaat if you’re looking for something spicier & lighter. If you’re visiting Beverly Centre, don’t miss this place since they also have the best desi breakfast options. 

  1. Chattha’s
Chatthas Restaurant Islamabad
Chatthas Restaurant Islamabad

How can we overlook Chattha’s– A wonderful restaurant that specializes in Desi flavors, keeping the long traditions of Pakistani cuisine with dishes like aromatic Karahi and decadent Lassi. Chattas is a wonderful restaurant in Beverly Centre Islamabad that delivers delicious Indian food without sacrificing quality, flavor, or tradition. It serves Desi Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

On their menu, you may have flavorful Karahi and Handi that are actually cooked with Desi Ghee and Makhan, as well as Naans to go with them. Additionally, it offers BBQ, Biryani, Nihari, and paaye. You may sip on Namkeen and Meethi Lassi as well as a variety of teas thanks to its drinks!

Visit Beverly Centre Islamabad Restaurants for a gastronomic excursion that will satisfy your cravings, nurture your spirit, and leave you feeling completely fulfilled.

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