Top 12 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi


Bahria Town in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is a popular residential and commercial area known for its premier amenities, including a wide range of restaurants and cafes. In this blog, you will find about the best restaurants in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

Top 12 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

  1. Kallisto 
  2. Ribeye Restaurant Phase 7
  3. Diva
  4. Chikachino Bahria Town
  5. Ox & Grill
  6. BBQ Night
  7. Tuscany
  8. Roaster
  9. American Steakhouse
  10. Chop Chop Wok
  11. Wildmen (Italian, Chinese, American)
  12. Skydine Revolving Restaurant

1. Kallisto

Kallisto Restaurant in Bahira Phase 7

Kallisto Phase 7 Bahria town is often hailed as the best restaurant in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Its delectable Mediterranean cuisine, cozy ambiance, and exceptional service make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re craving flavorful kebabs, fresh seafood, or authentic Mediterranean flavors, Kallisto Ph 7 is the place to relinquish a memorable dining experience. Kallisto is a wonderful restaurant to hang out in a lovely and peaceful place away from the chaos of city life.

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

2. Ribeye Restaurant 

Ribeye Restaurant 

A newly opened restaurant, Ribeye Restaurant in Phase 7 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi is a carnivore’s paradise and a strong contender for the best steakhouse in the area. Known for its succulent steaks, perfectly grilled to your liking, Ribeye Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience for meat enthusiasts. There is an elegant look and a flowery decor with pink and white cherry blossoms all around like a fairy tale. 

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

3. Diva Restaurant

Diva Restaurant

For those seeking a touch of elegance and gourmet cuisine, Diva is undoubtedly one of the best options in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. With its chic decor and an exquisite menu that includes a variety of desi & international dishes, Diva offers a fine dining experience that’s hard to beat.

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

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4. Chikachino Bahria Town Phase-7

Chikachino Bahria Town Phase-7

Chikachino in Bahria Town is renowned for being the go-to spot for coffee lovers and cafe enthusiasts. Offering a cozy atmosphere, a wide range of coffee blends, and delicious snacks, it’s a top choice for a relaxed, caffeine-infused outing.

Location: AAA Akron, Bahria Town Phase 7 , Rawalpindi

5. Ox & Grill Steakhouse Phase-7

Ox & Grill Steakhouse Phase-7

The Ox & Grill in Bahria town serves up the best steak sizzlers, burgers, chicken, and an assortment of Mexican, Italian, and Chinese classic dishes. Plus it offers you desserts & real Italian coffee. Dining in a theme-based restaurant like this, with attentive service and presentation of the highest quality, gives you the best dining experience.

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

6. BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight Phase 7

BBQ Tonight in Bahria Town Phase-4 is the best option for desi cuisine in the area, with mouthwatering grilled delicacies. It’s highly regarded as one of the best places to savor authentic barbecue dishes, with a wide range of kebabs, tikkas, and more to choose from.

Location: The Ranch Main Paradise Road، Bahria Town Phase 4, Riding Club, Street, Rawalpindi

7. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard Phase 7 Restaurant

Tuscany Courtyard is a popular Italian restaurant in Bahria town Rawalpindi. It serves Italian-style dishes. The restaurant has a menu that includes a wide range of international dishes, such as thin-crust pizzas, pasta, paninis, steaks, hamburgers, sandwiches, and burgers. There is a wide variety of Beef, Chicken, and Seafood at this establishment, as well as Thai food, which is equally delicious.

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

8. Roasters Coffee House & Grill

Roasters Coffee House & Grill

Roasters Coffee House & Grill is one of the renowned cafes in Bahria town, Rawalpindi. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, offering a range of mouthwatering food options, from hearty breakfasts to juicy Burgers and sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Seafood, Pasta, Desserts & beverages. Roaster caters to a wide variety of tastes, making it a go-to spot for casual dining.

Location: Bahria Food Street, Phase-7

9. American Steakhouse

American Steakhouse

As its name suggests, American Steakhouse focuses on delivering the best steak experience in Bahria Town. It’s a favorite among steak lovers because of its extensive range of well-grilled steak cuts. The restaurant’s signature dish is a steak, but it also offers exceptional fast food, Mexican, Italian, and other cuisines, as well as enormous beverages and desserts.

Location: Cornish road, Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi 

10. Chop Chop Wok

Chop Chop Wok Phase 7 Restaurant

For lovers of Asian cuisine, Chop Chop Wok is the best choice in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It offers a delicious selection of Asian-inspired dishes, from stir-fries to sushi, ensuring a memorable dining experience with a touch of oriental flair.

Location: Bahria Phase-7 Food Street

11. Wildmen Restaurant

Wildmen Restaurant

Wildmen is one of the best restaurants in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Due to its wide range of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, and American, the restaurant grasps foodies’ attention instantly & that’s what makes it the most outstanding restaurant in the neighborhood. And because of its adaptability, it is the perfect place for friends & families looking for a great ambiance and excellent customer service. 

Location: Arena Cinema, Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi

12. Skydine Revolving Restaurant 

Skydine Revolving Restaurant 

Skydine Revolving Restaurant is the pinnacle of dining experiences in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and the first-ever revolving restaurant in Pakistan. It offers panoramic views of the city and a beautifully adorned interior. Its menu includes Chinese, Barbeque & Afghani food. So, visit this restaurant & enjoy its scenic views and delicious food all at once.

Location: Civic Center, Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi

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Let’s summarize this Blog for you!

These are the best restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, featuring an abundance of delicious cuisines, ensuring that nobody gets bored of the taste, and they are often considered the top dining options in the vicinity. Almost every chain of branded restaurants can be found in Bahria Town. So, you can easily decide where to eat in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

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